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Embodiment Practices and Group Dance Improvisation: Exploring and Adapting the Movement Legacy of Barbara Mettler

“There is a universal language in which all people everywhere can express themselves and understand one another. It is the language of movement.” – Barbara Mettler.

Join us for monthly 4-hour movement workshops in individual and group improvisation following the legacy of Barbara Mettler. Mettler, a student of Mary Wigman, created a unique methodology for the exploration of the language of dance through analysis of space, form and sound. Her approach utilizes led group improvisation on a theme (ie. sound/voice; creating language; dancing with objects and relating to space/architecture; exploring dynamics and impulses; creating musical scores) always following the unique approach of individual exploration building to moving as a group body.

Founded on the principle that dance is and should be available to all bodies, Mettler-based work can be accessible to participants of all backgrounds, but for working teaching artists and choreographers, it is profoundly beneficial in novel choreographic exploration (breaking out of stylistic ruts) as well as in unifying casts or students in various teaching environments.

The monthly 4-hour workshops will each introduce 2 themes in Mettler-based work though guided improvisation which gradually sensitizes the group from individual exploration to moving as a group body. Each improvisation workshop will conclude with a discussion and review of materials in order to assist participants in adapting these methodologies to their own practice. Saturday

November 24 - 4-8pm

Thursday, December 13 - 4-8pm

Thursday, January 17 - 5-9pm

In order to make this class accessible to choreographers and teaching artists, the workshop is offered on a suggested donation basis, to off-set the cost of the space rental. Suggested donation is $15-25 for the 4-hr workshop.

Please RSVP to or to register.