Welcome to the first entry of the official Dance New Jersey Blog!

Dance New Jersey is thrilled to unveil, along with its new and improved website, the official Dance New Jersey Blog!  As the premier coalition of dance artists, educators, and students throughout our state, it is our duty and pleasure to keep you aware of all the news in our community.  We hope that through our social media channels and biweekly newsletters, our members and the public remain abreast of the big things happening in dance, dance education, and arts education.  Although our main focus is on local and regional news, we feel that it is often valuable to share information about what is happening all over our country as well as the world.

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you may come across a link to an upcoming performance by one of our members.  You may find an article like this one that discusses how movement enables and facilitates learning.  You may find a piece about the latest dance movie set to hit theaters or an interview with a current hot choreographer.  We hope that the messages we share with you strike your curiosity and encourage you to talk about the state of dance with your friends and colleagues.  We hope that you find something interesting that inspires and excites you, or even something that concerns and worries you so that you may spark a conversation about the issues that affect us as dancers.

Several months ago, Dance New Jersey learned about a beloved dance critic whose work as a regular writer for a major NJ newspaper was reduced to freelance work (find more information here).  As a result, our organization began a conversation about the importance of coverage of dance and the arts in the mainstream media and was called to take action on the situation.  We hope that by creating this blog where we can share what we think is important, we are also creating another outlet for dance writers, aspiring dance writers, and of course, our members.

If you would like to write for our blog, please submit a piece up to 600 words in length to cristina.dancenj@gmail.com.  Longer pieces may be considered depending on the content, and all submissions are subject to editing by Dance New Jersey.  We are excited about this new venture and look forward to your help in making it a success.  The possibilities for blog posts are wide, so contact us with your ideas and suggestions today!

First blog post written by Aymara Carpenter.