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To all Drama and Dance/Movement Therapists, and Supporters,

In this legislative session, our Bill ( Drama Therapists and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act)  has already passed through the State Assembly, and we are now pushing to have it placed on the Agenda of the Senate Commerce Committee on JUNE  11. The new Chairperson of this Committee is Senator Pou.

 Here is where you come in! This is a Call-to-Action!

 We need your help.

Please take a few minutes to send an email to Senator Pou. Her email address is:

Please also “cc” her legislative assistant, Andrew Atuna , when you send your email. His email address is:  .

 Fill in the blanks of the email template below, or use it as a model for your own email, and sign it with your contact info.  

  • Ask your friends and family to write to Senator Pou, as well, even if they do not live in NJ.

 *Make the subject of the email: “Requesting Bill A1220/S675 be placed on Commerce Committee Agenda June 11”.


Please contact your task force representative Kristin at  , if you have questions or concerns.  

Thank you for taking action NOW!


Your NJ Licensure Task Force



 To: Senator Pou,  Chair

Senate Commerce Committee

Dear Senator Pou,

My name is __________________and I am a (dance/movement therapist, or drama therapist, or Supporter). I live in ___________________.

I am writing to respectfully bring your attention to Bill A1220/S675, the Drama Therapists and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act. 

Last legislative session the Drama Therapists  and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act was favorably voted through Assembly and Senate; however, it unfortunately was pocket vetoed by the Governor due to end of session.

It is urgent that this bill continue on, to become law.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would help move this important process forward, and place Bill  A1220/S675 on the agenda of the Senate Commerce Committee  at your meeting on JUNE  11.

The Drama Therapists and Dance/Movement Therapists Licensing Act will ensure that the most vulnerable citizens in the state, including Veterans, those with Alzheimer’s, developmental disabilities or Autism, and those who suffer from Domestic Violence, child abuse,  or substance abuse, will be protected from unlicensed and untrained practitioners. Drama therapists and dance/movement therapists are masters’ level mental health clinicians, highly skilled and trained to treat those most in need.

There is a great need for Drama Therapy and Dance Therapy in New Jersey within schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, domestic violence agencies, day treatment programs, and programs for children with special needs. This bill being moved into law will make these services more accessible and reliable.

Thank you for your time and attention to this very important matter; and for insuring that Bill A1220/S675 is placed on the agenda of the Commerce Committee on June 11.


(Your name)

(Your Address & Contact Info)

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